IPL Photofacial Treatment in Denver

One of my favorite treatments to perform! This IPL photofacial treatment in Denver is performed with the top-of-the-line Cutera Limelight.  This IPL is one of the best in the biz for zapping away unwanted pigment and correcting uneven skin tone.


What is the treatment like?

Cutera Limelight treatments generally take about 20 minutes if the whole face is treated.  Each pulse of the IPL feels like a tiny rubber band snap, but is very well-tolerated.


How many IPL photofacial treatments will I need?

For the most part, people would require 3-4 IPL photofacial treatments depending on what the desired result is.  We recommend 1 treatment every 4-6 weeks.


What to expect after IPL photofacial treatment in Denver:

This depends on how much pigment or redness there is in the skin, but one could expect some redness, swelling, and initial darkening of the pigment (you can cover this with makeup!) as it rises to the surface of the skin.  This pigment then ‘flakes off’ in anywhere from 3-7 days. Pretty amazing, right?


Who can NOT have this treatment?

Anyone with a sunburn, dark tan, tattooed makeup over the area to be treated, anyone pregnant/breastfeeding, has active skin infections, or anyone on certain acne medications such as Roaccutane.