HydraFacial Treatment in Denver

What is THE most amazing skin treatment that seems to cover all bases? You guessed it – the HydraFacial treatment in Denver. No pain and all gain. This treatment has been praised by beauty mags like Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Allure, US Weekly, Glamour, and soooo many more! It’s a great facial treatment that offers exfoliation, hydration, pore extraction, and is suitable for almost ANY skin type.

Let’s read on, shall we?

What is the treatment like?

This is a 30-40 minute, invigorating facial treatment that really makes your skin feel clean and healthy. It’s very comfortable and relaxing. During a HydraFacial treatment, you’ll feel some very gentle suction as dead skin cells and impurities get lifted away, then you’ll feel your skin bathe in hydration and skin-boosting, antioxidant formulas. It doesn’t get better than this, people.

How many HydraFacial treatments do I need?

We recommend doing HydraFacials every 4 weeks for this reason:

As we age, our skin cells ‘turn over’ at a slower and slower rate. This can lead to dull skin, congestion, and other skin imperfections. By doing an exfoliating and skin-boosting treatment like HydraFacials, you’re encouraging your skin cells to turn over every month and cleansing out impurities. This encourages a healthier glow, decreased breakouts, clearer complexion, and anti-aging benefits!

Can’t get to your treatment monthly? That’s ok! Our clients generally report much more radiant skin with even one treatment!

All of our skin treatments come with a discount when a package is purchased, making your skincare routine more manageable and affordable.




What to expect after HydraFacial treatment.

HydraFacials have no downtime, so you can resume your daily activities right away! Sometimes people have a tiny bit of skin redness just after the treatment, but this is pretty uncommon. You can apply makeup (mineral makeup is best, though!) right after your treatment if you’d like, but I’d recommend waiting a few hours at least.


Who can NOT have this treatment?

The great thing about HydraFacials is that almost anyone can have this treatment, including all skin tones. However, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, have severe rosacea, or any broken skin/skin infection, then HydraFacials are not your best option.


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