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Your face tells your life’s own unique story. Your story may be just beginning, or it may already have several chapters.

The changes in your face can be from years of laughter, stress, hard work, sun exposure, or they could simply be down to your unique genetic factors. The environment plays its part, too – aging the face and body, creating sun spots and fine lines, even thinning the lips and hollowing the face. Other genetic concerns often include asymmetry in the face, naturally thin lips, weak bone structure, or skin issues.

These concerns can leave you looking tired, angry, unwell, or older than you feel. Cosmetic medicine can do a great deal for restoring self-esteem regardless of the cause.

We’re here to help and make the process easy and exciting for you.

Working under Denver’s top plastic surgeon, we utilize numerous top-of-the-line, minimally invasive procedures to give a bespoke result to each of our clients. This is what we do and what we love. This is clinical beauty.

Welcome to The Luxe Room – Denver’s leading Botox Cosmetic Procedures, Injectables, & Laser Clinic. We specializes in Botox & Dysport injections, dermal fillers (Juvederm & Restylane), IPL photofacials, lasers for facial rejuvenation, Clear and Brilliant laser,  microneedling, HydraFacials, a range of chemical peels, and many more treatments for skin rejuvenation in Denver, Colorado.

Location of The Luxe Room

Denver's Leading Med Spa For Juvederm & Restylane Fillers, Botox, Dysport and Laser Treatments

The Luxe Room is conveniently located at the intersection of I-25 and Colorado Boulevard in Denver, CO, with free on-site parking (if your ticket is brought in for us to validate).

The Luxe Room is Denver’s leading injectables and laser clinic offering amazing and natural-looking results. Products and services include Botox, Dysport, as well as Restylane & Juvederm dermal fillers, SkinPen microneedling, PRP, IPL photofacials, HydraFacials, chemical peels and a wide range of the latest laser treatments including the Clear and Brilliant laser (Clear + Brilliant).

The Luxe Room is owned and operated by Danielle Mathers, an RN (BSN) skin professional with a wealth of experience and a huge collection of glowing reviews all over the internet.

When it comes to lip fillers, Botox, anti-aging and skin rejuvenation procedures, there is simply no one better to meet with than Nurse Danielle and her team at The Luxe Room in Denver.

Check our specials page to see our monthly Botox, injectables, & skin treatment specials that are on offer in Denver! Initial consultations are always free and The Luxe Room cosmetic clinic has free on site parking to make your visit a relaxing experience from start to finish.

A little from Nurse Danielle below:

“Cosmetic medicine can do a great deal for restoring your natural youthful look along with your self-esteem, regardless of the cause. I’m here to help and make the process easy and exciting for you.

This is what I do and what I love. This is clinical beauty. See you soon at The Luxe Room.”


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  • Loved my first visit to The Luxe Room - it's clean and professional and has easy online booking. Dani is great! She's friendly, listened to my concerns, and did an excellent job. Will be back!

    Tina Wall Avatar
    Tina Wall

    I love the luxe room! They are very professional and knowledgeable. They listen to exactly what I want and I can count on them to give me beautiful results! Definitely recommend!

    Nicole Domenico Avatar
    Nicole Domenico

    Dani absolutely exceeded my expectations!!! I have always been very insecure about my small, unevenly shaped lips. In the past, I received lip injections and had a horrible experience so I was VERY nervous to give it another try. Dani... read more

    Amanda Watkins Avatar
    Amanda Watkins

    The staff at The Luxe Room is SO kind and welcoming. I called last minute to see if I could get in for Botox and I was able to get in between already scheduled appointments that same day. Not to... read more

    Taylor Sloan Avatar
    Taylor Sloan

    This was my second time getting Dysport (first time was Danielle, this time Dani) they were both lovely, professional and kind! The front staff is wonderful as well!

    Stephanie Schacht Avatar
    Stephanie Schacht

    I've been coming to The Luxe Room since December of 2020, and believe me when I tell you I will never go to any other clinic for any kind of treatment ever again. I most recently was injected by Dani,... read more

    Becca Rickard Avatar
    Becca Rickard

    I've always had very thin lips. When I smiled, I basically had no upper lip. I decided I finally wanted to explore filler, so I went to the Luxe Room. Their IG has plenty of proof of their good work,... read more

    Kimberly Lipinski Avatar
    Kimberly Lipinski

    I came in for Lip Filler and my Nurse’s name was Dani. Let me tell you, she was so wonderful. I was SO NERVOUS to get my lips done because I had seen so many after results that I didn’t... read more

    Caitlin Verette Avatar
    Caitlin Verette

    Okay FIRST OFF let me start by saying if you’re thinking about getting something done with Luxe, stop thinking, and just DO IT. The girls here are very accommodating, professional, and very knowledgeable. I knew I would be in good... read more

    Kayla Renae Morales Avatar
    Kayla Renae Morales

    I’ve been looking for a new injector since I moved to Denver last summer and I’m so happy to have found The Luxe Room. Dani is really great! She did a really nice job with my Botox and provided guidance... read more

    Marci Stainbrook Avatar
    Marci Stainbrook
  • Dani did an amazing job! Her knowledge and experience was evident, and she made me feel so comfortable. The results look absolutely amazing, better than I had expected. The whole experience was 10/10.

    Katie Hazel Avatar
    Katie Hazel

    Dani did an AMAZING job!!! Absolutely love my new lips and will be back for more! We started off with just one syringe and it was a perfect amount for my first time. My lips are perfectly sized and shaped... read more

    Allison Gustad Avatar
    Allison Gustad

    The place was super nice. Clean, easy to find, and well decorated.The procedure was quick and the results are amazing! I got my lips done and was painless! Dani did a great job!

    Nicole Chia Avatar
    Nicole Chia

    I have been wanting to get in with Danielle for so long. So when I finally saw an opening I jumped on top of it and I am SOOOO glad I did!! She was very informative and answered... read more

    Jennifer Renner Avatar
    Jennifer Renner

    Really great experience all around. I had my lips done and some botox and I will definitely be going back. They made me feel very comfortable and informed!

    Makenna Padgett Avatar
    Makenna Padgett

    Nici was amazing! I got the mascne facial and she really helped to target all my concerns while leaving me feel refreshed!

    Kayla Hand Avatar
    Kayla Hand

    Had such an amazing experience, Danielle was very informative and made me feel very comfortable the whole time. Also I love my lips!

    Kira Rodriguez Avatar
    Kira Rodriguez

    Knowledgeable, friendly and high quality. Would definitely recommend.

    Stefanie Tuder Avatar
    Stefanie Tuder

    Super nice, very informative regarding treatments and products.

    Maria V Avatar
    Maria V

    Dani was so friendly and knowledgeable. She made my first time easy and painless! I'm thrilled with the results.

    Emma Grunwald Avatar
    Emma Grunwald
  • Loved Danielle!

    Lexi Davis Avatar
    Lexi Davis

    I really love the luxe room! I researched extensively on where the best place to get my lips done in Denver would be and so glad I decided to come here. Nurse Danielle always does an amazing job on my... read more

    Ashley Schrock Avatar
    Ashley Schrock

    Made an appointment for a consultation and explicitly stated I would like a patch test during the consultation for laser treatment.Show up to the appointment and they want me to schedule another appointment to get a patch test. Excuse me,... read more

    Rageena Price Avatar
    Rageena Price

    Tanya is amazing! She s professional, does an amazing job and would definitely recommend! Had a full syringe of lip filler.

    Tara Zink Avatar
    Tara Zink

    I ve gone to several places in the Denver area to find an expert for injections and Tanya is amazing! She is professional and really listened to my requests and I got the results I wanted. Highly recommend!!

    Laura Bentancur Avatar
    Laura Bentancur

    My appointment went amazing Dani was incredibly gentle and super friendly! I love my lips!

    Crystal Oaxaca Avatar
    Crystal Oaxaca

    It was my first time receiving lip filler, and I visited Dani for the process. It was absolutely AMAZING!! And the results were incredible! Everything about the Luxe Room is so professional, and Dani was extremely knowledgeable about what to... read more

    Sydney Scalia Avatar
    Sydney Scalia

    I can t say enough good things about the luxe room! I ve seen both Tanya and Danielle and they are both really good. Both of them are very well trained and know exactly what they are doing.

    Ericka Avila Avatar
    Ericka Avila

    I absolutely loved my experience with Danielle. It was my first time with filler and she explained everything in a way that made me feel comfortable. She was so lovely and put my anxieties at ease. Everything from booking an... read more

    Kerry Ben-Joseph Avatar
    Kerry Ben-Joseph

    Injector Dani Newcomb was so sweet and answered all of my questions thoroughly. The office has all the boho vibes and is absolutely beautiful. Loving my lips and I ll be back to see Dani soon

    rorban9 Avatar

Frequently Asked Questions

Botox / Dysport

Most patients will agree – nope! The needle used is teeny tiny, so most patient are surprised at how little discomfort they have.

NO! Botox/Dysport (neuromodulators) work by stopping or minimizing the movement of the muscles targeted (like crows feet, frown lines, forehead lines) for around 3 months.

This is what allows the wrinkles to smooth out. Once the neuromodulators wear off, the muscles start moving again just as they did before. The lines won’t be worse, and your movement won’t be stronger.

This depends on your dose! You pay for exactly what you get, so no pricing ‘per area’. Pricing is ‘per unit’, which ends up being more beneficial to the patient. Botox is $12 per unit. Dysport is $4 per unit, but you use 3 Dysport units for every 1 Botox unit, so in the end, the total price is the same no matter which neuromodulator we use.

This depends on the dose. Normal doses last around 3 months. If you are doing ‘Baby Botox’, expect the longevity to be slightly less due to a smaller dose.


Lip Fillers

We do offer half syringes but they are rarely done as most of the time, patients find this is not enough and end up doing another half syringe. Therefore, full syringes or either Juvederm or Restylane are generally what are used in the lips.

This depends on the filler used. Restylane fillers are usually used for the lips and range between $550-775. Juvederm fillers can also be used in the lips and are $550-775 for a full syringe.

We use a very strong topical numbing cream that gives a surprising amount of ‘pain blocking’ during the treatment. Honestly, it may be slightly uncomfortable in some areas, but overall the treatment is very tolerable.

99% of patients that come in to get their lips done all have the same concerns. They don’t want to look fake, they want their lips to look naturally larger.

The aim is always to make them look like a better version of your own lips. Whether you want them to look younger, slightly more plump, more defined, or just have some asymmetry corrected, we will do our best to give you your desired look.

Check out our before and after photos of lip filler to see for yourself.


Bookings / Appointments

Parking is ample and free (just bring your ticket in to get validated)! There is a covered and secure visitor parking garage next to the clinic with enclosed walkway to enter the building.

It depends! If you are wanting to have injectables (like Botox/Dysport or Juvederm/Restylane), you can just book the treatment – we can do a consultation within your treatment appointment.

However, if you are wanting skin treatments or a more long-term treatment plan, it is best to book a consultation before treatment. This is because the incorrect treatment might be booked, meaning we’d have to reschedule your appointment to another day and the correct treatment.