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Your face tells your life’s own unique story. Your story may be just beginning, or it may already have several chapters.

The changes in your face can be from years of laughter, stress, hard work, sun exposure, or they could simply be down to your unique genetic factors. The environment plays its part, too – aging the face and body, creating sun spots and fine lines, even thinning the lips and hollowing the face. Other genetic concerns often include asymmetry in the face, naturally thin lips, weak bone structure, or skin issues.

These concerns can leave you looking tired, angry, unwell, or older than you feel. Cosmetic medicine can do a great deal for restoring self-esteem regardless of the cause.

I’m here to help and make the process easy and exciting for you.

Working under Denver’s top, oculo-plastic surgeon, I utilize numerous top-of-the-line, minimally invasive procedures to give a bespoke result to each of my clients. This is what I do and what I love. This is clinical beauty.

Welcome to The Luxe Room – Denver’s leading Botox Cosmetic Procedures, Injectables, & Laser Clinic. We specializes in Botox & Dysport injections, dermal fillers (Juvederm & Restylane), IPL photofacials, lasers for facial rejuvenation, microneedling, HydraFacial, LaseMD, RF microneedling and many more for skin rejuvenation treatments in Denver, Colorado.

Location of The Luxe Room

Denver's Leading Clinic For Juvederm & Restylane Fillers, Botox, Dysport and Laser Treatments

The Luxe Room is conveniently located in the beautiful Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver, CO, directly across from the Cherry Creek Mall.

The Luxe Room is Denver’s leading injectables and laser clinic offering amazing and natural-looking results. Products and services include Botox, Dysport, as well as Restylane & Juvederm dermal fillers, microneedling, PRP, IPL photofacials, HydraFacials and a wide range of the latest laser treatments including LaseMD.

The Luxe Room is owned and operated by Danielle Mathers, an RN (BSN) skin professional with a wealth of experience and a huge collection of glowing reviews all over the internet.

When it comes to lip fillers, Botox, anti-aging and skin rejuvenation procedures, there is simply no one better to meet with than Nurse Danielle at The Luxe Room in Cherry Creek.

Check our specials page to see our monthly Botox and injectables specials that are on offer in Denver! Initial consultations are always free and The Luxe Room cosmetic clinic has free on site parking to make your visit a relaxing experience from start to finish.

A little from Nurse Danielle below:

“Cosmetic medicine can do a great deal for restoring your natural youthful look along with your self-esteem, regardless of the cause. I’m here to help and make the process easy and exciting for you. Working under Denver’s top, oculo-plastic surgeon, I utilize numerous top-of-the-line, minimally invasive procedures to give a bespoke result to each of my clients.

This is what I do and what I love. This is clinical beauty. See you soon at The Luxe Room.”


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  • Danielle is a dream to work on yourself with!

    Kristen Hammond Avatar
    Kristen Hammond

    Danielle is amazing. I've been seeing her monthly to work on my skin concerns (redness, acne, uneven texture) for about four months now and I already see such a difference, especially after doing repeated laser treatments and peels. The services... read more

    Lindsey Lucero Avatar
    Lindsey Lucero

    I have gone to Danielle twice and I’m planning on going again for more fillers, and she’s done a great job on my lips and cheeks. She always listens to what I want, and I’m never disappointed. She’s extremely gentle... read more

    Mikala Barber Avatar
    Mikala Barber

    A little back story.. 5 days before I came in for a scheduled prp facial, I sliced open my forehead. 18 stitches through my eyebrow. After this mishap, I felt incredibly fortunate to be in Danielle’s hands. Not only... read more

    Durea Blu Avatar
    Durea Blu

    Danielle was fantastic! She made me feel extremely comfortable with the procedure and was very detailed with me beforehand about what was to come. She was friendly, professional and I highly recommend her! I will most definitely be going back... read more

    Jenna Overlee Avatar
    Jenna Overlee

    Danielle is phenomenal. I started Botox by trying out a few different injectors and Danielle was the 3rd person I tried. I haven’t gone to anyone else since! The experience is wonderful with her: pain free, quick and easy! She... read more

    Madi Shipley Avatar
    Madi Shipley

    Danielle is great! I have been extremely happy with my experience at The Luxe Room! I look forward to my appointments with her every month. I love my plump lips that look so natural and my monthly... read more

    Laurie Rodenberg Avatar
    Laurie Rodenberg

    Danielle is super professional, kind and calming. She makes you feel very comfortable. I presented her with the things I wanted to focus on and she gave me her opinion while giving me options and guided me to the best... read more

    Chelsea Schooler Avatar
    Chelsea Schooler

    Just had my lips done by Nurse Danielle and I am already in love with them! She knew exactly how to achieve the results I wanted and has a very calming and professional presence.

    Christianna Pastore Avatar
    Christianna Pastore

    I won a giveaway for Botox on social media, which meant going to Danielle instead of my usual Botox spot. I have already referred a friend who has received two different kinds of treatments by Danielle, and I have already... read more

    Joëlle Roehr Avatar
    Joëlle Roehr
  • Danielle and The Luxe Room made me feel so at ease. I had never had any sort of skin treatment before and was a bit nervous. Danielle made me feel completely comfortable and took the time to answer all my... read more

    Katie McGlade Avatar
    Katie McGlade

    Danielle is AMAZING at what she does... if you are looking for someone to pouf your pout she’s your girl❤️💋!!! We used JUVÉDERM VOLLURE and I love them❌⭕️

    Amanda Ragulsky Avatar
    Amanda Ragulsky

    Danielle is amazing. She is super detailed and explained everything as she was doing it. She takes her time to really get you what you want. I had very minimal bruising and swelling so much better than anywhere else I’ve... read more

    Mariah Meehan Avatar
    Mariah Meehan

    I had the absolute BEST experience with Danielle at the Luxe Room. I had originally only booked a consultation with her to discuss an asymmetrical smile and lip filler. After about an hour of her discussing my hesitations we went... read more

    Mandy LaMay Avatar
    Mandy LaMay

    I feel so lucky to have found Danielle! She made me feel so welcomed and comfortable and I knew immediately that I was in great hands with her. She has an incredible attention to detail and is truly a master... read more

    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User

    Danielle was extremely professional and friendly, walking me through the steps of my service and answering all my questions. I felt like I was in safe hands, which is so important with cosmetic procedures. She even followed up with me... read more

    Kaitlin Plave Avatar
    Kaitlin Plave

    I had been searching for the right person that I felt I could trust to get an extensive dermal filler treatment from for what felt like ages. Trust me when I say I’ve scoured through hundreds of Instagram photos and... read more

    Sara Studzinski Avatar
    Sara Studzinski

    Danielle is always so patient with me, she is honest and always is professional. She does an amazing job and could not be sweeter- I feel so lucky to have found her!

    emily kakish Avatar
    emily kakish

    Highly recommend going here to rejuvenate your skin!! I love working with Danielle because I can really talk to her about my skin concerns. With the treatments I have gotten I can see a difference in my skin and loving it!!

    Nicole Marcelli Avatar
    Nicole Marcelli

    Danielle is the absolute BEST! Not only is she so knowledgeable and skilled at the services she provides, but she is extremely caring about each person she treats. She follows up after your appointment to make sure things are going... read more

    Ashley Ross Avatar
    Ashley Ross
  • I always have a great experience with Danielle. She's extremely knowledgeable and professional. 10/10

    Gabrielle Erb Avatar
    Gabrielle Erb

    Danielle made me feel so comfortable and was so so so lovely every moment I spent with her! Her warm personality will keep me coming back. I left feeling the most confident I’ve ever felt and have nothing but kind... read more

    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User

    Danielle is the best! I went to her for Botox and love the results. It was my first time getting any type of injection and she made me feel at ease with her knowledge and care. She’s incredibly gifted at... read more

    Theresa McCluskey Avatar
    Theresa McCluskey

    Danielle is super professional, kind and calming. She makes you feel very comfortable. I presented her with the things I wanted to focus on and she gave me her opinion while giving me options and guided me to the best... read more

    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User

    I recently moved to Denver from NYC and I am so happy I found Danielle! She’s not only incredible at what she does but is also so sweet and made me feel comfortable right away! I would highly suggest checking... read more

    Amanda Peeples Avatar
    Amanda Peeples

    Danielle is a true pro at what she does! I was a little nervous at first but she talked me through everything and really took her time to evaluate and customize my treatment putting me at ease. She took everything... read more

    Aidan Mason Avatar
    Aidan Mason

    Nurse Danielle is truly a master of her craft. Not only is she really amazing at her craft she is also extremely caring. She took the time to answer all my questions and never made me feel rushed or that... read more

    Smash Beauty Avatar
    Smash Beauty

    Danielle is an absolute angel, she listens and gives honest feedback about what you want and recommends the best course of action. I trust her with everything and am so happy with my results. Can’t say enough positive things! 💖

    Corinne Nagel Avatar
    Corinne Nagel

    I was introduced to Danielle’s (Luxe Room) work via instagram when I stumbled upon her page. I was impressed with her work and reviews and decided to book an appointment. She was extremely knowledgeable explaining different options, answered every question... read more

    Nicolle Turnock Avatar
    Nicolle Turnock

    Where do I even begin! I came into Danielle's office 7 months ago looking for HELP. My wedding was 9 months away at the time and I really wanted my skin to be clear by then. My biggest concerns were... read more

    Kate Menendez Avatar
    Kate Menendez

Frequently Asked Questions

Botox / Dysport

Most patients will agree – nope! The needle used is teeny tiny, so most patient are surprised at how little discomfort they have.

NO! Botox/Dysport (neuromodulators) work by stopping or minimizing the movement of the muscles targeted (like crows feet, frown lines, forehead lines) for around 3 months.

This is what allows the wrinkles to smooth out. Once the neuromodulators wear off, the muscles start moving again just as they did before. The lines won’t be worse, and your movement won’t be stronger.

This depends on your dose! You pay for exactly what you get, so no pricing ‘per area’. Pricing is ‘per unit’, which ends up being more beneficial to the patient. Botox is $12 per unit. Dysport is $4 per unit, but you use 3 Dysport units for every 1 Botox unit, so in the end, the total price is the same no matter which neuromodulator we use.

This depends on the dose. Normal doses last around 3 months. If you are doing ‘Baby Botox’, expect the longevity to be slightly less due to a smaller dose.

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Lip Fillers

We do offer half syringes (Juvederm Volbella, $350), but they are rarely done as most of the time, patients find this is not enough and end up doing another half syringe. Therefore, full syringes or either Juvederm or Restylane are generally what are used in the lips.

This depends on the filler used. Restylane fillers are usually used for the lips and range between $550-675. Juvederm fillers can also be used in the lips and are $550-700 for a full syringe.

We use a very strong topical numbing cream that gives a surprising amount of ‘pain blocking’ during the treatment. Honestly, it may be slightly uncomfortable in some areas, but overall the treatment is very tolerable.

99% of patients that come in to get their lips done all have the same concerns. They don’t want to look fake, they want their lips to look naturally larger.

The aim is always to make them look like a better version of your own lips. Whether you want them to look younger, slightly more plump, more defined, or just have some asymmetry corrected, we will do our best to give you your desired look.

Check out our before and after photos of lip filler to see for yourself.

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Bookings / Appointments

Parking is ample and free! Parking is located directly behind our building (36 Steele Street in Cherry Creek). There is also a bus stop directly in front of our building in case you are taking public transport.

It depends! If you are wanting to have injectables (like Botox/Dysport or Juvederm/Restylane), you can just book the treatment – we can do a consultation within your treatment appointment.

However, if you are wanting skin treatments or a more long-term treatment plan, it is best to book a consultation before treatment. This is because the incorrect treatment might be booked, meaning we’d have to reschedule your appointment to another day and the correct treatment.

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